Starting a new project from the ground up as a very especially experience that we wish to provide you at Best Architect in Birmingham AL. We specialize in custom residential design for a new primary residence, lake houses, mountain homes, beach homes, and multifamily homes and include new construction, renovations, additions, and consultations. The residential additions and renovations is also our specialty. We look to bring new life into an existing home in a way that suits our clients perfectly and feels as though the house was always intended to be. No matter what your architectural needs may be, we have you covered.

Let’s start going over some of the services that we offer here at Best Architect in Birmingham AL. We offer the best comprehensive architectural design which includes full service design and documentation for construction of additions, renovations, and new buildings. We meet on site to advise the owner for potential architectural design solution with our architectural consulting. Then we move on to the master planning stage. This is where we explore all of our design possibilities, recommendations of the solutions, prioritizing, and consideration of projects phasing for whole house transformations.

Best Architect in Birmingham AL is also the best that the preparation of existing conditions as built drawings. We make sure to survey all of the existing facilities and documentation of conditions already in place. This includes field measuring the existing structure or structures inside and out along with taking pictures. Then we create a floorplan or floor plans and exterior elevational drawings in our CAD, computer a drafting. This gives us accurate drawings of existing conditions to work from during design and is also used to create demolition plans. Typically this is required for all renovation in addition projects.

We also include things like hard skating, interior master planning, and interior selection. We go over the design of audios, debts, trellises, retaining walls, walkways, and other outdoor features as they relate to the architecture amosite. We also explore all design possibilities, recommends the best solution, prioritize, workscope development, and consideration of project phasing for interior renovations. We also do product search, selection, and design solutions for tile, cabinetry, decorative lighting, molding, hardware, and finishes. And of course, we also aid the owner and the processes of bidding and construction contract execution. We are also there to go over project observation in we regularly visit the site save the owner throughout construction. In order to convey all the discussions, decisions, and drawings that result from our design development, a set of detailed documents are prepared. These documents outline the expected level quality, both in writing and drawn format.

Choosing the right architect is absolutely essential to be a successful project. So it’s vital to find an architect who listens understand your styles and needs. We will be with you every step of the way. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us either on my our website, or give us a call and army my number 205-322-2315.

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Choosing the right architect is absolutely essential to a successful project, so choose Best Architect in Birmingham AL. It is vital to find an architect who listens and understand your style and needs. We will be your partner throughout this entire process. From the conceptual design phase, design development phase, construction document phase, bidding phase, all the way to construction administration. We will be your advocate to make sure that all of your architectural dreams become a reality.

After the options completed by us Best Architect in Birmingham AL, we work together to choose a future design direction. In most cases, we find that the chosen direction is a compilation of several ideas from the schematic design phase. At this point, we continue to define, through plans, elevation and sections, the size of rooms, types of materials, and exact placement of the building. During this phase, we study the whole stone, including discussing your sustainable green options, and discuss specific construction issues which may affect the final project. During this phase, a fairly accurate cost of construction may be obtained from the drawings we prepare.

Best Architect in Birmingham AL will provide a set of detailed documents that we prepared specifically for you. In order to convey all the discussions, decisions, and drawings that result from schematic design and design development as precisely as possible, a set of detailed documents have been prepared. This set informs the builder of the appearance and construction detail of the trim, built-ins, doors, and surface areas. These documents outline the expected level quality, both in Britain and drawn format. Construction documents ensure the final drawings matched the desire you ultimately envisioned after working through the design process. They also ensure the bids you receive from contractors reflect the detail and quality you expect. In addition to securing design decisions we made, construction documents also minimized change orders and stress. Judgments made on the job site. At the end of the stage, we continue to work with you, as your advocate, to select a contractor, when necessary.

Bidding, implementing, and construction observation. During this stage we operate as our clients applicants to ensure work is performed to the standard and quality described in the contract role documents we prepared. As a part of our role, we answer contractor questions, communicate details when requested and make regular job site visits. Since the actual construction is often a busy and stressful time for our clients, our presence during construction is usually appreciated. We are here to give you the absolute best architectural experience you ever had. We are here to work for you and take care of all of your needs and bring your dreams into reality as professionally as possible.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us anytime at either our website, or call call us anytime on our mainline number 205-322-2315 we look forward to working with you and all of your architectural needs.