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This is why you can put your chest into our architect in birmingham al. We can also provide architectural consulting, this is going to be a meeting to advise you of any solutions when it comes to designing. it is important for us to do preparation of existing conditions, or as-built, drawings. This is where we are going to prepare you with a full survey of existing facilities that are on the property. This is going to be the conditions and includes field measuring of each one of the structures. This type of service is going to be required for all renovations and additions to any project.

We are going to be taking pictures and then start creating any floor plans for the exterior elevation drawings with our computer-aided dropping. This will allow us to have accurate drawings that are going to show us the conditions during the design call and also be used for demolition plans. you can rely on us when it comes to doing a personal design on your deck, this is going to make it look amazing and it is a comfortable place for you and your family to hang out at. we can put as many outdoor features as you would like, this is really going to send the property.

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