We are some happy architects here at Architect in Birmingham AL. We have some immortals in the arsenal these days as technology has evolved over the years and specifically that architectural renderings have come so far. No longer do architects have only tutti ways to reveal their designs to client unless they build full-scale physical models. They now have 3-D models and rendering! We have been using 3-D drawings as part of our design package for clients for years, but the evolution of photorealistic renderings have made it a game changer for us and is something we have been using in recent years to allow our clients the ability to see their homes inside and out in a realistic way before it is built.

Architect in Birmingham AL likes to feature some of those renderings in our portfolio page to show some upcoming projects that have finished the design phase. We’re just waiting on either the pricing for construction or the construction phase currently. We love to compare the renderings to the actual home that is built to see how close we came. But seriously, it is a great visualization for our clients to fully grasp what their project will look like and it allows us to fine-tune the project as well.

Our new favorite way to feature projects at Architect in Birmingham AL is having drone videos taken. We use a grown specialist who spends time with us understanding the aspects of the to future and what makes the project special, and then he gets to work groaning and videoing the party and spaces. Even spends time with us after the shoot editing the footage to make a video that really becomes this a sort of love letter to the. Drone videos are also one for our clients, because they get a keepsake of their home in such a unique and fun way groaning is not right for everyone, preferred those that are cited dramatically on the land, that have an expanse of land, the future interesting roof lines or large building sites, it can be another tool to really showcase the home and the architect.

We are always updating the gallery and finishing photos and projects that have gone through the design and construction phases and have completed construction. We love to have the opportunity to go into a home wants to finish and showcase it with finish photographs and visit with our clients. It is fun for the homeowners as well! We use the amazing local photographer and are able to supply those beautiful photographers to the home owners as well. And this also makes it fun for them to have their home featured on the website. We spent time posting our homes through all the phases of design for conceptual sketches to renderings to finish photos on our special media problems as well. It’s a good way to celebrate our clients in the space we create together.

We would love to start working with you and all your architectural dreams. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns at either our number 205-322-2315, or shoot us an email info@studiocarch.com. Feel free to look at our website to see our full list of services, portfolios, and testimonials to see if we are the right fit for you.

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We never like to answer the question about price here at Architect in Birmingham AL. Because we do not have a set answer. We cannot answer that question without fully understanding the scope of the project and what is needed. We like to tailor all of our discussions around what works best for you for each project to determine whether it’s a fit with what we do and if we think we are the right firm to help your dream turn into a reality. If the answer is yes for both of us, we figure out the best way to move forward and give a detailed proposal that outlines all of our services and what you can expect in terms of costs. This also breaks down the fee schedule which requires a retainer to get started, but is broken into parts based on what we deliver to you in the face design and development. We do not require payment all at once.

Architect in Birmingham AL specializes in all aspects of luxury residential design for primary residence, lake houses, mountain homes, beach houses, and multifamily homes. Our services include new construction, renovations and additions and consultation services. We hope our architecture is timeless but it is also warm, cozy, amicable. Design doesn’t have to be stuffy or cold. We love clean lines and beautiful spaces and that comes in all forms of architecture. Check out our website to see some of our images from a few of our featured projects and hopefully that will give you a better sense of who we are and what we work with.

Which process here at Architect in Birmingham AL? We start with an introduction call where we asked some questions of you so we can get a better understanding of what your project entails. We may ask for inspirational images, what your timeline is, what your vision and budget are so we can determine if we are the right fit for what you need and vice versa. Once the initial calls had, if it feels like the right fit for both of us, we follow that meeting up with a proposal so you have a document that spells out what you can expect.

From there, we get to designing and drawing. You always get to approve and make sure we are going in the right this direction before the design is fully locked in. We want you to be a part of the process. That always requires a series of touch bases and milestones that are written out in the to get us from design to actual construction documents. We also make sure to insure your project and incur liability. We also stand and seal are drawings for construction. Once the design is locked and finalized, working on selecting finishes and issuing construction documents could take a few additional months, usually between two and four months to complete the process and issuing drawings. We work to refine and develop the design together to make sure you get exactly what you want.

We would love to start working with you in bring all of your architectural dreams into reality. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to us either by emailing us info@studiocarch.com, or giving us a call at 205-322-2315 anytime. Make sure to check out our website studiocarch.com to see all of our service options, testimonials, and portfolio to make sure we are the right fit for you.