Cherri formed us here at Architect in Birmingham AL to specialize in all aspects of luxury residential design. Cherri was born in Louisiana but spent her formative years growing up in Arizona. She learn to draw and paint at a young age from her mother who was an artist. When she met her first architect in grad school, she fell love with architecture and remembered the data quickly. The architect was a classmate’s father, and he visited the class to talk about his trip to Paris and a beautiful architecture. She decided that she was going to be an architect, and she feels very fortunate to have found her creative calling at such a young age and have it stay the course.

Before Architect in Birmingham AL, as Cherri was a teenager, she and her family moved back to Louisiana where she was originally born. Despite her close to her grandparents and woodworking shop where she worked with them on woodworking projects, which sparked the love for construction. She enrolled in Louisiana Tech University in their five-year architectural program and started her architectural career. Shortly after graduating, she convinced her grandparents to let her buy rent house they were selling. They finally gave in and they didn’t understand why the in the world she would want that old house. She moved in and started work on renovating. It was her first design build project. And that’s what made her absolutely hooked! This would be the first product of many and the beginning of a desire to be closely involved in the construction process.

Still before Architect in Birmingham AL, she spent 13 years working in Louisiana gaining experience on a wide range of architectural projects. She worked on schools, medical offices, hospitals, churches, and corporate offices. She then moved to Birmingham, and after 16 years it became a home to her. Once in Birmingham, her wonderful experience solidified her passion for residential design. So in 2007, she form studio C architecture and interiors.

Now, with over 29 years of experience, Sherry is license architecture in Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana. She was named as one of Birmingham’s top 40 under 40, serves on Birmingham’s historic commissions and is currently serving on the Highlands Park neighborhood design review community. She is a longtime member of the Birmingham tractor and national AIA, and NCARB certified, which gives her the ability to become registered in other states recipriocity. She is also an Alabama license homebuilder and a member of the Alabama homebuilders Association has done several designs and build projects as well.

We would love for you to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns by either calling us at 205-322-2315 or by shooting us an email at any time that is convenient for you Please will free to check on our websites you can see all the services, testimonials, and our full portfolio to show that we are the corrects architect business for you. We look forward to bringing all of your architectural dreams into reality.

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Architect in Birmingham AL is a boutique design firm located in Birmingham, Alabama. We believe the most successful designs emerge when site design, architecture, and interior designer develop simultaneously. This process allows for truly seamless solution to be created. With our clients visions and dreams at the heart of each project, we are are also aware of the bigger picture and consider all aspects of individual projects. The exploratory nature of the design process accounts for wide range of factors that affect all clients and their products. Ascetics and image, budget and maintenance, resale, growth, and change. This holistic approach to design results in an elevated experience for our clients properties and deeply explore client project needs and identifies hidden concerns. The result, a carefully crafted, thoughtful, and balanced design.

We wish you the highest quality and there are some regional and national magazines. We have been honored for clients featured in all those types of publications over the years we also when new homes are featured. Especially for us and our clients recognize the design, for the finishes, for the home itself. When we start a project, we always have in the back of our minds if it would make a great Architect In Birmingham Al publication feature!

We understand at Architect in Birmingham AL that people love to see what was transformed into something current. Homes that have had a very large transformation are amazing projects to be featured in “before and after” type of magazine features. We love to take homes that are outdated and haven’t stood the test of time and help homeowners reconfigure the home to bring it up to date for the way we live now. Transforming the interior and exterior of space is to let them light, open flow of the floorplan, fix issues with the spaces, and see the finished product is among one of our favorite things.

Renovating homes that are historic have been a specialty of ours as well and have been featured in several magazine features. When you are adding onto or reconfiguring a historic home, it takes really understanding the home as it was built in the history surrounding the property and paying homage to it. It is important to us to respect the history and to update it in a way that seamlessly ties together the history and the newness. Though many historic homes do not flow in the way we live today and many of those homes have very separate spaces making living and entertaining difficult, there is a way to reconfigure them to feel as though the home was always meant to be that way. That’s what we aim to do, and those projects that have come together beautifully have been some of our favorite publication futures!

While each design is special and unique, we work to create a timelessness about each space so that the owner always enjoys every aspect many years in the future just as they did what we were crafting it together. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to call us at any time at 205-322-2315, or shoot us an email You can always check us out on our website to see our full services and portfolio to see if we have the right fit for you.