We have worked with many architects over the years in building custom homes in New Mexico, Tennessee, Colorado and Wyoming. I can tell you, hands down, we have never had a better experience than working with Cherri and Studio C. From the first moment we met her, Cherri listened and translated that listening into the home of your dreams. We were so ‘blown away’ with the configuration, design, custom elements…it was amazing. We have had many nice homes: the President of the University of Wyoming bought our home in Laramie and our NM home was one of several featured in its ABQ Magazine. But this home is our legacy and it would not be so if Cherri had not been involved. Thank you, Cherri, in so many ways!

Linda F

We worked with Studio C to build our custom Smith Lake home. Cherri was superb at listening and even spent a weekend with us (and our dogs) at a friend’s lake home to understand how we lived. She masterfully crafted a one of a kind dwelling that seamlessly blends interior with exterior spaces. The home was originally designed as a weekend getaway, but rapidly transitioned to a full time residence. It simply fit like a favorite outfit. Recently, we decided to add an additional room to the property. Of course we went back to Cherri to seek a design that enhances the property and does not look like an afterthought.

John G

Danny and I, Richard, enjoyed working with Cheri on our Smith Lake master bath edition.  We wanted her to think outside the box. We now have a shower that looks out over the beautiful lake.  I sit in our tub and look through the woods and love it. We were so pleased with her work that we asked her to redesign two awkward upstairs bedrooms.  Come by and see her incredible talent! Four of my interior design clients are now enjoying their beautiful and livable homes, thanks to Cherri.


I work at Richard Tubb Interiors and have had the opportunity to work with Cherri on several projects. I absolutely love how Cherri approaches each design she works on with complete regard to each individual client. She very detailed with her talks to her clients to determine their specific needs and wishes.  She will also brainstorm to come up with the unexpected. She is incredible to work with and shows complete excitement and great energy for every project she does. Cherri always goes one step above and is not happy until every last detail has been attended to and put in its right place. Her passion and talent for great design shine through whether she is doing a remodel at a 1920’s home or designing and building your dream home from the ground up!  I look forward to our next project at the beach! Go Cherri!


I am in the midst of a second home edition with Cherri.  She was the best decision for me! From the start of every project, she begins with excitement and, always, positive energy.  She listens to you, your thoughts and helps you realize your needs. Throughout the project, she presents it in a way that you can see and imagine all the way to its fruition.  She makes it fun to brainstorm as a team and she “loves” on your project as she works on the design. At the end of the last home edition, I was surprised with the thoughtful and creative surprises which landed it in Birmingham Magazine.   Thank you Cherri for your incredible work!!!!


Wonderful experience working with Cherri.  She is a true professional and artist. She knows what she is doing and is willing to hand hold those of us that need to learn what she is so great at.


Amazing to work with. Very attentive to the details, which is one of the most important traits to have in this line of work, in my opinion. I appreciate their great communication skills and overall great business.


Cherri and her team have been a pleasure to work with on our new home she has designed for us.  She has an incredible talent and gift for detail. She is super attentive to creating with your personal needs in mind.  The merchants she works with ,as well as those who work for her, think the world of her and say she is the “best in the area”, aka she has incredible word of mouth.  Our new home has far exceeded our expectations, and we are delighted with her work and her team!


Cherri is a phenomenal Architect and goes above and beyond for each of her clients. Her main goal is for her clients to always leave with a smile and good memories!!!  Mission accomplished.


Cherri is top notch to work with.  They have a true appreciation for detail and craftsmanship.


Cherri is a wonderful person!  Ranging from her design abilities to her work ethic, there is no better company to work with than Studio C!  Cherri did an amazing job in our Birmingham corporate office. She will be our go to call with any architecture/design needs in the future. 


I would highly recommend Studio C Architecture.  Cherri has an eye for detail, which has been very evident in each of the projects I’ve worked with her on. It is very apparent how Cherri cares for her clients and greatly cares about their needs.


Cherri and Studio C are AMAZING and I highly recommend them for any building projects you have or are needing design and architecture services!  Cherri was very pleasant to work with. She had a lot of attention to detail and helpful with creative suggestions!!


I have been working with Cherri for the past 15 years and I think she is the best architect in Birmingham.  Her design work and project management skills put her first class, in my books. She is a pleasure to work with and walk through any process with.  She is always trying to inspire and be creative with the team she has assembled, which I really appreciate. The quality of her projects is obvious and that is why I enjoy building custom cabinetry for her projects.


Cherri and the team at Studio C Architecture designed the renovation for the historic building that houses my interior design offices. From design concept to execution, Studio C provides inspiration, guidance, attention to detail, and to client service was exceptional. I also have the pleasure of sharing office space with Studio C and I have observed the enthusiasm with which they approach each project that they take on. Without fail, they consistently practice the highest ideals of professionalism and integrity. I would highly recommend Cherri and the team at Studio C to provide the exceptional architectural services that you are needing!


I sadly have not had the pleasure of having Cherri design a space for me yet.  But in due time, it will happen! I have been in structures she’s worked on and they are amazing, memorable, and very special.  Cherri is an incredible person–warm, kind, smart, funny, genuine… She is like what she builds and designs, amazing and memorable and very special!  I can’t wait for her, her brilliant creativity, and top-notch team to design my perfect space. I can’t wait to be able to one day partner with such a creative talent and truly amazing person! 

Joey C.

For the past 6 years, I have really enjoyed working with Cherri! She has a positive and very encouraging personality! I would recommend her to anyone I know in need of an architect!  


On behalf of Dilworth Development, Inc. (Auburn, AL), Cherri is one of our favorite architectural resources.  She is very responsive, creative, and accurate and these are just a few of the many positive adjectives that come to mind when thinking about Studio C.  They make us look good!


Studio C designs the most beautiful projects out there.  They are the most professional, in the know, designers I have had the opportunity to work with.  If you do not know what design path to take, they will listen to your needs and create the perfect most unbelievable project that you didn’t know you wanted.


Best Architecture firm in Birmingham all because of Cherri. She loves her craft so much and it is obvious! Her work is magical and warm. She’s restored our historic home and also is designing a lake house for us on Smith Lake, and  we cannot wait to have that as our second home.


Cherri and company are the best to work with. They are really client focused and attentive to detail. I highly recommend!!


Cherri is clever with design, attentive to coordination of a job to completion, and dedicated to making your dreams come true. She works with the success of the owner in mind.