At architect in Birmingham AL, we are here to serve you, our customer! If you’re in the market for a new home build, or your current home renovation or you want to add on to your existing home we are the architect for you! The only thing you need to do is call! We are here for you! We are always taking new clients and continuing to work with previous clients as they always come back for more! The quality of work and service we provide cannot be beaten.

Architect in Birmingham AL or the best in Alabama! we have all of our work shown in our gallery on our website to prove how beautiful all of our homes are! You will not be disappointed with this choice! We offer many different services. Services that we offer include comprehensive architectural design, architectural Consulting, Master planning, preparation of existing condition drawings, heart skipping, bidding negotiations, construction observation, interior Master planning, and interior selection. We are the top in every one of these areas! Are you unsure of what each one of these or some of these categories are? We’ll just know that we will walk you through each step! During the process, we are your advocate!

Architects in Birmingham AL specializes in material selection we help you find the product that you were looking for and help you make the best choices based on the design idea that you have in mind. We do the same thing with your outdoors if you’re wanting to redo your patio or add trellises or walkways we can help you choose the best design for you! We are here for you! We want to Aid you, the owner through the entire construction process. That’s what we do. That is our area of expertise!

Preparation of existing condition drawings is always required for all renovation and addition projects. We are experts at that! He probably seems like lien terms to you but that’s why you need a Studio C architect! We want to help you through the entire Home Building, renovation process! We will make this as easy and gentle on you as possible! Do not make the mistake and booking with any other architectural company in Birmingham because you are more than likely disappointed Architect in Birmingham AL. We do not want that for you. Make the right choice from the beginning! And that is Studio C architect!

Here at Studio C architect, we have our great staff standing by to answer any of your questions and it takes your phone call. So go ahead and give us a call at 205-322-2315 and let us help make your dreams come true. If you want to see some of the work that we have done we have all of our images on every home that we’ve ever built or renovated in our gallery on our website. You can find those at You’ll be more than satisfied with the service and your home results! We guarantee it!

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Let architect in Birmingham AL build your dream home! We know what it takes to make families’ dreams come true when it comes to building their first home weather temp home! If you love the home that you’re in you just want a renovation done we can help with that too! We are the best in the business. Do not reach out to any other architect company cuz we are the best in Alabama! You will not be dissatisfied with this service and the outcome that you receive from us. We offer many different services in this line of work. These include comprehensive architectural design, Master planning, hardscaping and so much more!

Architect in Birmingham Al offers a process that cannot be beaten! The process includes as-built drawings, schematic design, design development, construction documents the last but not least bidding, permitting, and construction observation. We know that this can be a process that it’s Berry intimidating for families to deal with so that’s why we are your Advocate during this process. Just leave it to the experts. We can make this process a smooth simple ride. The process that we use will help prevent any change orders or last-minute decisions on the job site. We will continue to work with you and advocate for you.

Architect in Birmingham AL is a vital piece of your next home Adventure! We promise you do not want to start this adventure without us! We are the experts in this area and experts should be the ones to handle something like this. Although we are the experts, we understand that you are the customer and you will be involved along the entire way! The only part that we will not let you handle is the stress! City of the architect offer services that no other architectural companies can offer! And that is amazing service!

At Studio C Arch we promise that you will not be disappointed with us as our architects. We understand how stressful the building process is and we appreciate our customers letting us be a part of this very important process with them! We help you make the very important decisions that need to be made when building a house. The same with simply renovating or adding an addition to your home. We promised our Architects or ones that listen and understand your style and your needs! We are here for you we understand that you could choose a different architectural company, although we do not recommend it. But we understand that you are our top priority!

We want to visit with you today. We would love for you to give us a call at 205-322-2315 and let us help you get that home experience started. We are here to help walk you through the different phases that will deal with the conceptual design phase, then the design development phase, when the construction document face, the bidding phase, and then finally the construction Administration! See all of our previous homes that we have built or renovated visit our gallery at