You’re an architect in Birmingham AL we build houses, where you design your current house, and we also specialize in house additions to your current house. Let us be the ones to help you! Let’s be the one that you call an exclamation point we have multiple five-star reviews and multiple images that Showcase all of our previous work. We want to showcase your home as well! What we do Studio C ArchThis work with you, our client. We offer carefully crafted, thoughtful, and balanced signs. I specialize in all aspects of luxury you are for sure going to get the results you’re looking for

All of our superb Services here at architect in Birmingham AL include new construction Renovations and additions pause Consultation Services. Every part of our team has a sugar client vision in mind! We help guide our clients from start to finish on their Journey to their new home dreams. We help turn your dreams into reality! We strive to be the best that our clients are looking for! Will not be disappointed with the services that you received from Studio C architect

architect in Birmingham AL loves to transform your indoor and outdoor space end of whatever you can dream up. You know how to fix small space issues we know how to make a large space cozy. You know how to see an unfinished product, finished, and also know how to help you see the finished product before you ever reach that stage. We Love featuring are finished client’s products in our photo gallery. We love sharing these photos from start to finish so that all of our potential clients and previous clients and see the transformation As we go. we love to use natural light and we love creating open and Easy Flow spaces. We love creating a space that you can live in.

We have been published in many local, Regional and National magazines. When you let us 3 design for you you can expect the same kind of results on your house! Olivia is honored to be the architect that you choose to create your dreams. We love taking before and after photos so that you will always remember the transformation that took place in your home. Our goal is to bring all of our projects within your home together beautifully so they can flow together. This is one of my favorite things to do we always have in the back of our mind that your house Would make a great publication feature!

why not call us today at 205-322-2315 so we can start making your home change the reality? All of our well-educated, and friendly staff can help you get started on your new Dream Home Path. We have so many different photos and home designs to choose from and so if you’re interested in looking at those you can find those on our website at to know that you will be more than happy with the service and outcome. We guarantee your satisfaction!

Architect in Birmingham AL | House Renovations

Here at Architects in Birmingham AL, we offer many different services to help build your Dream Home. We offer residential design as well as Renovations and additions. Services that we offer food interior selections such as style, Cabinetry, decorative lighting, and more. We offer construction Architect in Birmingham AL observation which means that we keep you, the homeowner about the construction the entire time. We offer different types of hardscaping such as designing your patio, your deck, your walkway, and so many other outdoor features. You involve yourself and the master planning on the side of all of the design possibilities and figure out the best solutions for you and your home.

The architect in Birmingham AL we are more than just an architect company. We want to feel like family as soon as we know that your home is dear to you. Our architectural Consulting provides on-site meetings to help keep you advised and all of our design Solutions. Our comprehensive architectural design offers our full-service design. During bidding a negotiation of the view, the owner, and the bidding construction process to help execute the contract. We help you explore all of your design possibilities and help recommend the best solutions for you.

The process of building houses with architects in Birmingham AL consists of a schematic Architect in Birmingham AL design which is what we consider the most important time that we spend with you. During this time we will meet together frequently to decide which direction you are wanting to go with your home. We will present your designs and drawings concerning your budget. During the design, Philip Matt review all of the options that we just went over we’ll work together to choose which design direction you would like to go.

The next step and the process with Studio C architect are to discuss the construction details with all of the exterior and interior elements such as trim, built-ins, doors Etc. At the end of this stage will continue to work with you and continue to be her support system through it all. So, you were correct we strive to operate as our client’s advocate as you are the reason that our company exists. We understand that without you we would not be able to do what we love! We play a huge role in our client’s new home building! We love what we do and we are ready to serve you. If you’re ready to start the process why not give us a call?

All of our staff here at Studio C Arc or standing by waiting to hear from you. You can give us a call at 205-322-2315 and we are ready to assist you! If you have any questions and are not sure whether or not you want to get started no worries as we can help answer any questions that you may have. To view more details about us or all of our image on work that we have done in the past you can view those on our website at