Here at architect in Birmingham AL, we offer Boutique designs in Alabama! You’re the highest to the most reviewed architect in Birmingham. We want to help you with your next project. We are known for Designing thoughtful with all spaces. We offer residential designs and also Renovations and additions. We have been rated the best of the house for the last six years in service and Design. We offer many different styles such as The work that we’ve done at Crater Lake House, the Salisbury Road renovation, I can’t calm, and renovation I’m up in the others!

An architect in Birmingham AL is proud of the work we do. What is the sign for your next home? Not building a new home? That’s fine we can renovate your car at home and we also specialized and add-ons. We consider ourselves experts in residential design custom designs for your Lake House, Mountain Homes, beach houses and so much more! Are you out crying in your current space? We can help you with that donation point we can take your small house and transform it into one that you would not expect! Roberts requires extra steps but that does not mean that we will miss the mark!

Architect in Birmingham AL offers many services such as comprehensive architectural design, architectural Consulting, Master planning, preparation of existing conditions, and more. Our comprehensive architectural design it’s a full-service design. Is architectural Consulting offer an on-site meeting to help you make the best choice for the house we’re trying to build? Hardscaping offers the best in the design of patios, decks, trellises, retaining walls, and more! Want to give your landscaping an upgrade? Let us help you! We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the work we provide.

Still not sure if you want to use Studio C architect? Will why not check out all of our happy customer reviews on their website? Let them explain to you the great quality of service they received. your customers that were honestly Blown Away by the configuration and their home and Design. Next 11 or home but they were not expecting to ever be able to a Jeep. Studio C architect help them achieve that! You know that we have won their Business every time that they need to build a new house, create a new design, or for landscaping work.

Why not go ahead and contact us today and speak with one of our amazing customer service Representatives at 205-322-2315. Our customer service representatives are very knowledgeable about the services we provide and can help you determine which route is best for you. Don’t make the mistake that many others have made by choosing the wrong architect company. call us today! If you’d like to look at many jobs that we have completed and find out more about us you can visit us on our website at We look forward to working with you! Your satisfaction is guaranteed every time, guaranteed! What are you waiting for?

Architect in Birmingham AL | Home Renovation

Architect in Birmingham AL offers several services just for you, our customer donation point we offer to remove house remodeling, offer house additions, landscaping services, and more! We are very skilled at what we do and have many happy customers to prove this! We believe that you will be no different. I have a portfolio on our website where you can see all of the work that we have ever done. We have been published in many different magazines including Birmingham Home and Garden. Here at Studio C Arch, we work with you, and our customers to design the absolute best design possible for you and your family.

Architect in Birmingham Al not to showcase our work and our finished photographs because we are so proud of what we do here! We love that you are considering us to design your next project. You’re always updating our gallery to show our most recent work. You can bet yours will be shown here as well! We use a local photographer because we believe in supporting locals. Our photographer knows how to capture the most beautiful photographs. Wheel of 1 new home starts feature because it is so special to us. We believe in our clients love to have their homes recognized as well. We understand that your home is something that you should be proud of.

Architect in Birmingham AL specializes in our finished work. We can offer 3D drawings as part of your design package to help you get a more realistic view of what you and we do together in our building. Miss help you get better it’s you all about your finished product will be like. This provides the best Visualization for our clients possible. I love for you to be able to see what your project lights look like before it’s finished. Just imagine what your new home could look like! Anything that you can dream up we can do! That’s my Studio C Architects exist, it’s for customers like you! We love to sit and study how the house sits and the site that it sits on to help us better understand the best possible outcome for your house.

Are you ready to get started? Are you wondering about the process? We offer svelte drawings of Mesa fuse for renovations and additions. Will first create as-built drawings just for you. The next step is a schematic, or conceptual, to sign. This perhaps is the most important time we spend with clients. Will have frequent discussions to help keep us on track. The next part of the process is designed to element, and from there we move on to the construction documents. The last step in the process is bidding, permitting, and construction observation.

Let’s go ahead and get you set up with Studio C Arch. We have some of the other ends of the phone to take your call to get you headed toward your new home dreams. Give us a call at 205-322-2315. If you would like to look at some of our work you can find those images on our website at