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As one of the highest and most reviewed architectural companies in Birmingham, Alabama, we love to specialize in all types of renovations or design when it comes to the look of your home. Our goal is to breathe life into your old home so that it feels like you were in a new one. We want to create an environment for you that will allow you to feel more free spirited and content. An Architect in Birmingham AL has so much experience working on a variety of residential homes; these include mountain homes, lake houses, beach houses, and even new construction. We make sure that our processes for renovating and designing are very simple so that there is less stress involved in the process.

We love to have this easy process because we want our clients to enjoy the journey rather than just waiting for the results. For your first renovation, we will set up a consultation at your home so that we can study the home, learn how you live, and learn what you want your environment to embody. We will then use drawings, pictures, measuring, and many more techniques to get the best of the best when it comes to your home. We go hard-core when it comes to renovations, especially being the coolest Architect in Birmingham AL! We do master planning, hard escaping, preparation of existing conditions, interior selections, and so much more. Many of our competitors do not offer the services and that is why many people choose us as their main architectural company for their current and future needs.

If you would like to visit us online you can see that we have thousands of five star reviews stating just how good we really are. Throughout the reading, you’ll notice how people are completely changed after we work on their home. The most important part about our company is how our clients feel during the process and when the job is complete. Many people choose us just because we pay Close attention to detail, we stay communicated throughout the entire process, and we work for you and with you. This means that we will do an amazing job for you at an amazing price and you will get more than you bargained for.

If you are already at the end of this article, you are clearly interested in working with our awesome company. To get started, please visit and sign up for your first consultation on our contact us form. If the Internet is unavailable, you can always call us at 205-322-2315. We would be so happy to help you out!

Architect In Birmingham Al | We Love To Renovate!

Have you been desperately in need of an Architect in Birmingham AL so that you can start that back burner project? You are in luck! I found one of the best architecture companies in the state of Alabama that is not only the highest reviewed but the most. Continue on to find out why Studio C Architecture and Interiors will be the right decision to make when it comes to your renovation or design projects. Let us help you change the way you feel when being in your beloved home!

We are the team at studio C architecture and interiors and we pride ourselves on that! simply because we give the best customer service and a job that exceeds expectations. We are so passionate about everything that has to do with architecture and would love to help you out with a renovation or design project on your home. key can renovate and design like no other. Our team has worked on a variety of buildings such as schools, churches, hospitals, and many more important state buildings. We also have worked very famous and credible jobs; The list includes Salisbury Road renovation, Camp Coleman, and even Smith’s lake living. Only the greatest Architect in Birmingham AL has the experience needed to fulfill all of your home desires.

The owner of studio C architecture and interiors is an amazing professional woman who became passionate about art at a young age. when she was younger, she would paint and roll with her mother. During grade school, she met a handsome architect who helped to reveal her true passion for architecture. That is how she started out as an Architect in Birmingham AL. This led her to move to Louisiana to enroll in a five-year architectural program where she would then stay in the state for 14 years gaining lots of experience on a variety of architectural projects. Many people are confident in key because of the credibility and experience that the team and owner has combined.

If you were looking to get a renovation, the process is very simple to get started. Simply visit our website and sign up for a consultation where we can discuss all of the details of the job that needs to be done. We will then go to your house and get to know you and the house as well together with more information. We have done many mountain homes, new construction, lake houses, beach houses, and many more residential homes. We go in depth when it comes to each project and that is the most important part. We use drawings, developmental design, and conceptual design. Another thing that gives us credibility is the fact that we are very much into keeping the client and the team safe from any legal issues.

It might be time to start that renovation or design project and studio C architecture and interiors will be the perfect fit for you and you will be shocked when the results are finally done. Visit or feel free to call us at 205-322-2315 and we will happily get you set up with your first consultation!