Let’s jump right into what we do here at Architect in Birmingham AL. For renovations and additions, the project starts first with creating as built drawings. We spend time at the home and measure, photograph, and document the existing structure and then create floor plans, exterior elevations, and roof plan drawings of the existing condition so we can start the design process with the most current and accurate information about the existing conditions. Schematic design is perhaps the most important time we spent interacting with clients. At this stage, we have frequently discussed in order to keep clients abreast of our work and direction and we are creating the concept and flourishing out the best design. During this time, we present drawings that describe design ideas with respect to your budget. We expand or design options to ensure the project design is exactly what you want.

After Architect in Birmingham AL reviews the options completed in schematic design, we all work together to choose a future design direction. In most cases, we find that the chosen direction is a compilation of several ideas from the schematic design phase. At this point, we continue to the fine, through plans, elevations and sections, the size of rooms, types of materials, and exact placement of the building. During this phase, we study the whole building as a system, including discussing your sustainable “green”options, and discuss specific construction issues which may affect the final project. During this phase, a fairly accurate cost of construction may be obtained from the drawings we prepare.

In order for us at Architect in Birmingham AL to convey all of the discussions, decisions, and drawings that result from the previous design process, a set of detailed documents are. This site informs the builder of the appearance and construction details of the trim, built-ins, doors, and surface elements. These documents outline the expected level quality, both in writing and drawing format. Construction documents ensure the final drawings matched the desire you ultimately envision after working throughout the design process. We also ensure the bids you receive from contractors reflect the details and quality you expect. In addition to securing design decisions we’ve made, construction documents also minimize charge orders and successfully snap judgments made on jobsite.

During our final stage, we operate as our clients advocates ensure work is performed to the standard and quality described in the contractual documents we prepared. As part of our role, we answer contractors questions, communicate details and requested, and make regular job site visits. Since the actual construction is often a busy and stressful time for clients, our presence during construction is usually appreciated. Choosing the right architect is absolutely essential to a successful act. So, it’s vital to find architect who listens and understand your style and needs. Once you’ve decided, call us.

You can reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns at either our phone number 205-322-2315, or email info@studiocarch.com. You can always check us out online at our website studiocarch.com to see exactly what were about, all of our services, testimonials, and photos of past projects.

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Architect in Birmingham AL specializes in custom residential design for new primary residence, like houses, homes, beach houses, and multifamily home and include the construction, renovation, and additions, and consultations. Starting a new project from the ground up is a very special experience! We visited about what your new home could be, study how the health site, learn how you live and what you and your new home and craft just for you. Residential additions and renovations is another specialty of ours. From large home transformations to additions that are designed to look house, we want to bring new life into an existing home. we’re here to build your architectural home dream and make it a reality.

Let’s start with a few the things that we can offer at Architect in Birmingham AL. Comprehensive architectural design. Full-service design and documentation for construction of additions, renovations, and new buildings. Architectural consulting. On-site meeting to advise owner of potential architectural design solutions. Master planning. Exploration of design possibilities, recommendation of best possible solutions, prioritizing, and considering project phasing for whole health information. It answers the start of what we do for you. And of course, we will always be with you every way.

What other services do we offer at Architect in Birmingham AL. Preparation of existing conditions, as built, drawings. Survey of existing facilities and documentation of conditions already in place. This includes filled measuring the existing structure or structures, inside and out, along with taking pictures and then creating floorplan or plans and exterior elevation drawings and CAD. This gives us accurate drawings of the existing conditions to work from during design and is also used to create demolition plans. This is typically required for all renovation and additional projects.

Next we move onto hard scape. This is the design of patios, decks, trellises, retaining walls, walkways, and other outdoor features as they relate to the architecture and to the site. We also either the owner and bidding and negotiations. This is the process of bidding and construction contract execution. We also provide construction observation for your project and we regularly site visit to aid owners throughout construction. Interior master planning. Exploration of design abilities, recommendation of the solution, prioritizing, workscope development, and consideration of project phasing for interior renovations. We also provide interior selection which is search, selection, design solutions for tile, cabinetry, decorative lighting, molding, hardware, and finishes.

We will be with you every step of the way to ensure that all of your architectural dreams become a reality with exactly what you want. We are here to help you with any and all concerns. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns by either calling us at 205-322-2315, or shooting us an email info@studiocarch.com. And you can always check out our online website studiocarch.com to see all of our services, the process, testimonials, and features a past projects that we have done. We look forward to working with you and fulfilling all of your architectural needs.