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Some of the best architect’s are professionals who not only have plenty of years of experience, but they are credible in all areas of life. One of the best architects is going to have certain qualities that are necessary in order to make sure the job is done correctly. These qualities need to include respect, communication, close attention to detail, and especially planning. One of the most important parts of being an Architect in Birmingham AL is planning out everything and including the details. The team at studio C architecture and interiors has all of these qualities and more! This is what makes us the top architect team in Alabama!

Our team is so passionate about renovations and residential design. We are able to do a variety of different types of homes. These could include mountain homes, beach houses, lake houses, primary residences, or any other home that you may live in or visit from time to time. We are also able to offer any additions to your home; this means that we can add to your home so you can have more space or even an extra room. Architect in Birmingham AL loves specializing in residential design due to the creative aspect and the impact that can be made. For our renovations we love to visit the site and study the area so we can get a good feel of what not to do and what is expected.

If you are someone who has been dreaming of redesigning your home to fit your mold or soul, studio C architecture and interiors is the right place to go. We love to make the process simple and easy to follow so that we can make sure the job is done right. We are huge planners over here and we will plan and study until we make sure that it is everything you dreamed of. It’s important to get a good idea of what you want for the design of your home. This means expanding your mind and forming a realistic budget while you collect ideas for a portfolio. You can cut out magazine pieces, research for digital images on the Internet, or even create Pinterest boards to help you and us make the vision come alive.

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Architect in Birmingham AL | Highest and Most Reviewed Architect!

Are you wanting to find an Architect in Birmingham AL? If so, you were in the right place. It is vital to find a great architect to fulfill your architectural needs and leave you feeling much better in your home than you did before. The feeling you get when working with studio C architecture and interiors is Overly satisfying, so check ‘em out! The goal is to breathe life into your home and that is exactly what the team is highly skilled at. Keep reading on to find out why Studio C architecture and interiors will be the best decision you could ever make when it comes to all your architectural needs.

Studio C architecture and interiors has been around for over 10 years and has created a major impact in the other Alabama area. Our team specializes in all things renovation and residential design I can help you out with anything you may need assistance with. We have worked with so many different professional companies such as tub guest house renovation, crater lake house, Smith lake living, Grogan jewelers, and many more amazing places. Many people choose us as their favorite Architect in Birmingham AL due to the credibility and experience that we have gained over the years that we have been in business.

The owner Sherry is so amazing and she has been able to make an even bigger impact on the civilians in Alabama. Our young age. Became an artist due to her mother always painting and drawing. This was the beginning of her first Architect in Birmingham AL and she never imagined that it would amass to what it has become. She spent five years in Louisiana in a five-year architectural program and also has over 14 years of experience working on many different renovation projects. Some of these amazing projects include churches, schools, medical offices, hospitals, and many more building structures.

If you were interested in any sort of residential design, studio C architecture and interiors can help you out with that as well. We love to keep the process very simple to follow and easy so that we can keep the project On budget and stress-free. Over here at studio C architecture and interiors we are so passionate about re-designing your home and creating an environment that you feel happier in. We have so many great tips on preparing for your first design project. You need to create a realistic budget as well as keep an open mind while looking through designs. It is also important to collect ideas for a portfolio. This means going through magazines, finding digital images, or creating boards from Pinterest and other art sites.

If you have read this and you are very interested in working with us and creating a home that you feel happier in, visit to sign up for a consultation on our contact us form located on the web. We are also available by phone if you would like to call us at 205-322-2315. Let us transform your home by renovating or designing your home to give it the fresh-est look!