Studio C Architecture and Interiors is the highest and most reviewed architect in all of Birmingham Al! We also maintaining a perfect five-star review on Google with 85 reviews total! We have over 29 years of experience and how one the Best Of Houzz design award in 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, and 2022! And then we have also won the Best Of Houzz service award in 2018! We love what we do, we are passionate, dedicated, and design focus. We have a love for art and architect.

Ways to prepare your design project, could be going to old magazines, marketing pages, digital images, pensions boards, anything that can help create an idea portfolio of what you’re wanting in your space. Eco-very extensive or not very expensive at all. Our extensive before Leos have pictures in each category that we work with. Such as kitchen ideas, bathroom ideas, window, exterior, landscape ideas, floor ideas, and so on. Every do not need to have an extensive before Leo any picture you will like, that will inform us of your style your general likes and dislikes. It is very difficult if we do not have any information, we want to build something you’re gonna love.

Another way to help prepare for your design project is to form a list. Here at architect in Birmingham AL, we can tell you how helpful it is to have a list of things. The list could be something of like them number of family members or guests you would normally have over, requirements for certain rooms such as dining room, entertainment, work team, office, anything. And then as we start your project the list may change however the initial list is makes our meetings more efficiently. We also believe he should have a must-have list meaning that that is an absolute must in the designs.

Setting a realistic budget is very important, it’s always better to upgrade, rather than having to downgrade. We suggest that you do your research, and ask questions. Designing on paper and working through the budget issues in a design is always more economical than changing the design to a construction design. We believe at architect in Birmingham AL you need to have an open mind. Having an open mind is designs are kicking off is probably the last thing that the most important part. We want to help find something that meets your needs while reflecting your unique requirements and taste. We want to make a unique space just for you, nothing is too much, we went out everything you can think of.

If you have any questions, concerns, or any sort of regards don’t be afraid to contact us. You can contact Studio C Architecture and Interiors at our website. Our website is Of course if you’d rather contact us by phone, you can always give us a call, our phone number is (205)322-2315. We look forward to creating a unique, beautiful space just for you. Don’t be afraid to give us a call

Architect In Birmingham Al | Create A Thoughtful And Livable Space!

You can let Studio C Architecture and Interiors create the perfect and most thoughtful and livable space just for you. We are the highest and most reviewed architect in Birmingham AL. There maintaining five-star’s review on Google with 85 reviews. We have one the Best Of Houzz design award in five years. There’s been 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, and 2022! We have also won the Best Of Houzz service award for 2018! We have over 29 years of experience, and we always go the extra mile. Cherri is like sending over three states! We have a love for what we do. We are passionate, dedicated, designed focus, and we have a love for art, and architect!

We have a very extensive process, but in the end, it’ll give you the most unique and perfect space for you. We are an amazing architect in Birmingham AL company. They have as built drawings meaning that when the project first starts with creating a as built drawings meaning that any resignation or additions we spent time at the home we measure, take photos, document, create a floor plan, everything in order have everything at the existing condition so we can start the design process with the most current and accurate information. We also start with a symptomatic or conceptual design this is where we spend time and frequent discussions in order to keep the clients informed on our work and direction. We are creating a concept in flushing out the best design. We will present drawings that describe the idea that we have that all respect within your budget. We’ll make sure that is exactly what you want

After we get the design in mind we will choose our design development. Mean like the size of rooms types of material, exact placement of the building, we discussed specific construction issues that may affect the final project, we have a fairly accurate cost of construction from the drawings that we’ve already prepared. We then have our construction documents. We try to get our development as precisely as possible these documents informs the builder of the appearance and construction details of the tram, built-in, doors, surface elements, and everything else. These documents talk about the level of quality both written down and drawn and made sure the final drawings matched the desire you ultimately envision and want. At the end of the stage we will help you as an advocate to help select a contractor whenever you’re ready.

While working with architect in Birmingham AL we will advocate for our clients to ensure the work is to the highest quality standards we believe that is important for you to find the right architect who listens and understands. He sees what your style and needs are, knows what she likes and dislikes are. We want to help built in location.

If you have any questions comments concerns, or you are ready to get started, don’t be afraid to contact us anytime. You can contact us at Studio C Architecture and Interiors. Our website is always available to you to contact, I website is Of course if you’d rather contact tests by cell phone, our telephone number is (205)322-2315. We look forward to working with you, going the extra mile, and creating a beautiful, and unique space made just for you.