Best Architect in Birmingham AL specializes in all aspects of luxury residential design. This is for primary residence, lake houses, mountain homes, beach houses, and multifamily homes. Our services include new construction, renovations, and additions and consultation services. We are a boutique design firm located in Birmingham, Alabama. We believe the most successful designs emerge when site design, architecture, and interior designer developed simultaneously. Every part of our team is focused on our client and on helping the client’s vision become a reality.

The process we utilize here at Best Architect in Birmingham AL allows for a truly seamless solution to be created. With our clients visions and dreams at the heart of each project, you’re also aware of the bigger picture and consider all aspects of each individual project. The exploratory nature of the design process amounts for a wide range of factors that affect all clients and the project. Ascetics and image, budget and maintenance, resale, gross, and change. This holistic approach to design results in an evaluation of client priorities and deeply explores clients project needs and identified and concerns. The result, a carefully crafted, thoughtful, and balance design.

Now let’s talk about the owner of Best Architect in Birmingham AL, Cherri. Cherri enrolled at Louisiana Tech University and Ruston, Louisiana and their five-year architect program and started her architectural career. She spent 13 years working Louisiana gaining experience on a wide range of projects. In 2005, she came to Alabama and after 16 years, she is excited to be part of the community and embraces history and celebrates beautiful architecture. Now, with over 29 years of experience, she is licensed in Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana. She was named one of Birmingham’s top 40 under 40, serves on Birmingham’s historic commissions, and is currently serving Highlands Park neighborhood design review committee. She applies her knowledge to be able to assist clients more in-depth way. She is what makes us the best.

And of course, we can’t forget about our team. We have a talented interior architectural designer who joined our team from California and oversees the creation of inspiration boards, interior selection, and drawings. Our group also included dynamic architectural design and production specials team who our drawings into reality. They create 2-D and 3-D modeling for our clients and do the bulk of our architectural drawings and renderings. They are passionate and efficient and love what they do! Our director of client services guides our clients through the journey from start to finish and handles the day in and day out of our firm and any and all tasks we can throw her way. The common thread among the entire group is that we all love it if you do!

We would love to start working with you and all of your architectural dreams to bring them into a reality. Reach out to us anytime on our website Or please fill free to calls with any questions, comments, or concerns at our mainline number 205-322-2315.

Why Are Some Best Architect In Birmingham Al Services What You Need?


Choosing the right architect is absolutely essential to a successful project, so course are going to go with Best Architect in Birmingham AL. It is vital to find an architect who listens and understands your style and needs. Starting a project from the ground up is a very special experience! We visit about your new home, study how the house sits on the site, learn how you live and want to live in your new home and craft a home that is just for you. From large whole house transformations to additions that are designed as if they’ve always been part of the house, we love to breathe new life into existing homes in a way that suits our clients perfectly. We are here to take all architectural dreams and bring them into reality.

Before starting, Best Architect in Birmingham wants to give you some tips on preparing your Best Architect In Birmingham Al design project. Go through magazines, even without marking pages that have pictures that appeal to you. The most comprehensive portfolios would have pictures in each of the number of categories, such as exterior., Kitchen ideas, bathroom radios, landscape ideas, window ideas, floor ideas, and so on. However, if you do not have time to make an extensive collection, any pictures you provide will be extremely helpful. These photos will help to inform us of your style and general likes and dislikes. In this way, you’ll also have a clear idea of what you’re going to.

We understand it is important to know in advance what your budget will be like here at Best Architect in Birmingham AL. Some people make the mistake of choosing design features that far exceed their budget. This results in shock and all when the construction cost is revealed, and disappointment when the project has to be scaled back to a realistic cost. We should be advising you, all the way along in the design process, the relative cost of your plans. It pays to be totally honest and realistic about your budget with us. Designing on paper and working through budget issues and design is always more economical than design changes in the field during construction. You will be with us every step of the way so you will always know exactly what’s going on.

Create a list of some of the uses that you want your new project. This list could include things like the number of family, guests or employees who normally be using it, and the types of requirements you have for dining, entertaining, working, solitary activities, and recreation. Through work and discussion with us this list may change, however an initial list to get the ball rolling and open topics to discuss makes our meeting process more efficient. It’s good to create a must-have list as well to really focus the conversation on what we absolutely must include in the new project. Having an open mind as design kicks off is the last but possibly the most important part!

We are excited about to start working with you on any and all of your architectural needs. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns at our mainline number 205-322-2315. Or check us out online to see our whole list of services, testimonials, and more at our website