We didn’t get the best title as Best Architect in Birmingham AL for nothing. We have worked on countless projects around Birmingham, Alabama area. When you visit our website you will see several features of collections of our product, whether it be projects featured in magazines, drone videos, specialized renderings of projects not yet complete, or finish photos of home builds. While each design is special and unique, we work to create a timelessness about each space so that the owner always enjoys every aspect many years into the future just as they did while they we were crafting together.

The portfolio we have built here at Best Architect in Birmingham AL will show the range of architectural styles that encompass our work. We enjoy connecting with clients to determine their style, how they live and use of, but they love most of them being able to craft a special design dedicated to that exploration. Her work has a common theme, the use of light to fill space, the openness and flow with spaces and a comfort all home should have as a perfect place to unwind, entertain, and really live in. We are always updating our gallery with finish photos of projects that have gone through design phase and construction phase and have been completed as well. We love to have the opportunities to go into a home finish and showcase it with finish photographs and visit with our clients.

We like to make things fun for the homeowners as well when you decide to work with us, Best Architect in Birmingham AL. We use an amazing local photographer and are able to supply those beautiful photos to the owners as well. That’s also fun for them to have their home featured on the website and even possible a magazine. We also spent time posting our homes to all the phases of design from conceptual sketches to renderings to finish photos on our social media platforms as well. It’s a good way to celebrate our clients in the space we create together.

There are some projects that are asked to be featured in local, regional, and national magazines. We have been honored to work for clients future all those types of publications over the years. Transforming the interior and exterior of spaces to let in light, open up the flow of the floor plan, fix issues with the spaces, and see the finished product is among one of our favorite things. We also love when new homes are featured. It special for us and our clients to have their homes recognized for the design, for the finishes, for the home itself. When we start projects, we always have in the back of our minds if it would make a great publication future. Drone videos are also fun for our clients, because they get a keepsake of their home in such a unique and fun way.

Please feel free to reach out to questions, comments, or concerns at either our mainline number 205-322-2315, or on our website studiocarch.com. You can also check our website to see our portfolio, the services we offer, testimonials, and more. We forward to working with you to bring all of your architectural dreams into reality.

Why Are Some Best Architect In Birmingham Al People Going To Work?


Best Architect in Birmingham AL is a boutique design firm that specializes in all aspects of luxury residential design. We believe the most successful designs emerge one site design, architecture, and interior design are developed simultaneously. This process allows virtually seamless solution to be created. With our clients visions and dreams at the heart of each project, we are also aware of the bigger picture and consider all aspects of an individual project. Our result, a carefully crafted, thoughtful, and balanced design. You will be with us throughout every step of the best in the final say on everything. We are here to bring your architectural dreams into a reality.

Let’s start going over the process we utilize here at Best Architect in Birmingham AL. As built drawings. For renovations and additions, the project starts first with creating as built drawings. We spent time at the home in measure, photograph, and document the existing structure and then create for fans, exterior elevations in room and roof plan drawings of the existing conditions that we can start the design process with the most current and accurate information about the existing conditions. Schematic design is perhaps the most important time we spent interacting with clients. At this stage, we had frequent discussions in order to keep clients of this be with our work and direction as we are creating the concept and flushing out the best design. This ensures that your project design is exactly what you want.

After we, Best Architect in Birmingham AL, review the options and completed schematic design, we all work together to choose a future design direction. In most cases, we find that the chosen direction is the compilation of several ideas from schematic design phase. We continue to do fine, throughput, elevation and section, the size of rooms, types of materials, and exact placement of the building. We study the whole building is a system, including discussing your sustainable green options, and discussing specific construction ideas may affect the final project. During this phase, a fairly accurate cost of construction may be obtained from the drawings we prepare.

In order to convey all the discussions, decisions, and drawings result from schematic design and design development as precisely as possible, a set of detailed documents are prepared. This set informs the builder of the appearance and construction details of the trim, built-ins, doors, and surface elements. These documents outline the expected level quality, both in Britain and drawing format. Construction documents ensure that the final drawings match the desire you ultimately envision after working through the design process. At the end of the stage, we continue to work with you, as your advocate, to select a contractor. As a part of our role, we answer contractors questions, communicate details when requested, and make regular job site visits.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, this will free to reach out to us anytime at either our number 205-322-2315, or on our website studiocarch.com. We can’t wait to start with you and bring all of your architectural dreams into a reality.