Best Architect in Birmingham AL specializes in all aspects of luxury residential design. From primary residence, leak houses, mountain homes, beach houses, and multifamily homes. Our services include new construction, renovations, and additions, and consultation services. We believe the most successful designs or merge one site design, architecture, and interior design are developed simultaneously. This process allows for truly seamless solution to be created. With our clients visions and dreams at the heart of each project, we are also aware of the bigger picture and consider all aspects of each individual project. The result, a carefully crafted, thoughtful, and balanced design that is fully tailored to you.

How much our fees at Best Architect in Birmingham AL? We never like to answer the question without fully understanding the scope of the project and what it needs. It all depends on what you are looking for. We like to tailor all of our discussions around what works best for you for each project to determine whether it’s a fit with what we can do and if we think we are the right firm to help with your dream. If the answer is yes for both of us, we figure out the best way to move forward and give a detailed proposal outlines all services and what you can expect in terms of cost. This also breaks on the fee schedule which requires a retainer to get started but is broken into parts based on what we deliver to you all phases of design and development. We do not require payment all at once.

Best Architect in Birmingham AL puts you above all else. We give you a custom approach, an individual project focused on design and representing the way you live in the space around you. We are here to solve any and all your problems with existing spaces and showing you multiple solutions and options. We are great at helping you navigate getting a product developed and drawn so it becomes a set of instructions and drawings of the blueprint for contractors to build your project. You always get to prove and make sure we are going in the right direction before the design is fully locked in. We want you to be a part of our process. That always requires a series of touch bases and milestones that are written out in the proposal to get us from design to actual construction documents.

We love helping folks take their initial ideas and develop them into something special, regardless of the project type. Our great architects see the craft as a marriage of art and engineering. We love working out designs of their product in the right direction. We are passionate, dedicated to the process, and design focus plus, we are also fun to be around! We are here to bring you architecture that is timeless. We believe our architecture is warm, cozy, and livable. We love clean lines and beautiful spaces and that comes in all forms of architecture.

We would love to start working with you and bring all of your architectural dreams into a reality. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please for free to reach out to us either on army my number 205-322-2315, or website You can also find our list of services, portfolio, testimonials, and more online.

Why Are Some Best Architect In Birmingham Al Solutions What You Need?


Best Architect in Birmingham AL is sure to make your architectural experience smooth and easy. We make sure that you are part of every step of our process so that what you get the final say and know exactly what you’re getting. Because at the end of the day, we are here to serve you. We are here to bring all your architectural dreams into reality. But before you get started with us, let’s give you an idea of what we look for.

Best Architect in Birmingham AL has made a list of tips on preparing for your design project. Step one is to collect an idea portfolio. Go through magazines, either or marking pages that have pictures that appeal to you. Or you can collect digital images and create interest boards that can be shared with us, or dropbox, or to save the photos to send to us. The most comprehensive folios would have pictures in each of a number of categories, such as exterior appearance, kitchen ideas, bathroom ideas, landscape, window ideas, flooring ideas, and so on. However, if you do not have time to make an extensive collection, any pictures you provide will be extremely helpful. These photos will help to inform us of your style in general likes and dislikes. There are many great resources for inspiration on the Internet to, like Pinterest. Many of our clients create and share Pinterest account with us as we start working on design.

Next, Best Architect in Birmingham AL Rick you form list. Create a list of some of the uses that you want your new parents, house or building, to fulfill. This list could include things like the number family, guest employees who would normally be using it, and the types of requirements you have for dining, entertaining, working, solitary activities, and recreation. Through work and discussion with us this list may change, however an initial list to get the ball rolling and open topics for discussion makes our
meeting progress more efficiently. It’s good to create a must-have list as we can really focus the conversation, we absolutely must include on the project.

And most importantly, a realistic budget it is important to know in advance what your budget will be like. Some people make the mistake of choosing design features that far exceed their budget. This results in shock and all when the construction cost is revealed, and disappointment when the project has to be scaled back to a realistic cost. We should be advising you, all the way along the design process, the relative cost of your plans. It pays to be totally honest and realistic about your budget with us. Designing on paper working through budget issues and design is always more economical than design changes in the field during construction.

And finally, having an open mind as design kicks off is the last but most important part! We are trained to creatively design project that meets your needs, while it reflects your unique requirements and taste. We will create something that is uniquely yours. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns on either army my number 205-322-2315, or on our website You can also find all of our services, portfolio, testimonials, and more online.