Are you still searching for the Best Architect in Birmingham AL? Well, look no further, we have got your back. One of the most highly reviewed architectural companies in Alabama is happy and ready to help you with whatever renovation, addition, and residential design that you may need. Check out studio C architecture and interiors and you’ll be shocked to find that the end result is exceeding your expectations.

Studio C architecture and interiors has been up and running for many years by Sherry the amazing owner. Cherry began painting and drawing at a young age and that is when her creativity finally sparked. After years of being an artist with her mother, Sherry met a man who was an architect and after seeing a slideshow of the places he had visited, Sherry was completely captivated and decided to start her own architectural studio! After spending 13 years working in Louisiana to gain experience with architectural projects and being enrolled in a five year architectural program, Sherry has the experience, credibility, and professionalism to help you out with anything that you may need assistance with. Many people see us as the best Best Architect in Birmingham AL simply because we are. 9

There are so many reasons why our clients love us and want to continue working with us throughout their lifetime. We actually dig deep and go in depth when it comes to each project that is given to us. We are also very passionate about what we do and it shows through the job and from the smiles on our faces while we are doing the job. The Best Architect in Birmingham AL not only does 110% on every job but we also double check it to ensure accuracy and make sure that it is up to your standards. We also take each step carefully and make sure that everything is approved by the client before we do anything. What clients love most about us is that we include them in the entire process and we make sure that they are aware of everything that’s happening. We also take into consideration the higher respect that we have for our clients and it shows.

We have worked with many famous companies which gives us a lot of credibility to help you out with more experience. Sherry, the owner, has over 20 years of experience as an architect. One thing that clients love about us is that we train our teams each month to ensure that they are up-to-date on the newest technology and knowledge so that they can do the best job possible for you. It is so important to prepare for your first design project and we would love to help you out with that. You just need to collect ideas for your own idea portfolio. This portfolio could include Pinterest boards, digital images, magazine cut outs, and so much more. Then you just need to form a list of some of the uses that you would like your new project to fulfill for you. We bring your ideas and our ideas and we create something that you would’ve never imagined.

If you are someone who is wanting to start that renovation or design project, it is finally time to start. Studio C architecture and interiors can do more for you than any other architectural company in Alabama. Visit or give us a call at 205-322-2315 and we will be happy to help you out.

Best Architect in Birmingham AL | Need an Architect’s Advice?

Have you ever wanted to find one of the Best Architect in Birmingham AL? It is important to get a professional architect that is very knowledgeable in the field and can turn your design call renovation dream into reality. If you are based in Alabama and are interested in renovating, home design, or an addition to your home, studio C architecture and interiors will be the best fit for you.

Over here at studio C architecture and interiors, we are so passionate about any type of architectural related thing. We are able to do any renovations on your residential home or your commercial office. What sets us apart is that we specialize in residential design which means we can completely revamp the design on the inside of your home. Many of our competitors do not do that and therefore that makes us the key. For renovations, we are able to do any sort of home. This could be primary residences, lake houses, beach houses, multi family homes, consultations, and even mountain homes. Our process is fairly simple when we are renovating your home. We just need to go to your home and study the house and how you live as well as what you want in your new home.

We love to make the process easy and stress-free for you when you are trying to renovate your home. We have many services when it comes to renovating your home that are very important and necessary. We do architectural consulting, master Best Architect in Birmingham AL planning, hard escaping, preparation of existing conditions, interior selections, and interior master planning. We love to use drawings, conceptual design, and especially design development. It is also important to mention that we are very strict on having construction documents, observation on the construction, bidding, and permitting. We want to make sure that our clients are safe and that our team is safe.

We have so much credibility over the years of working that we are able to help you out with any type of renovation or residential design that you may need. Not only does Sherry have over 20 years of experience, but the team has almost 10 and has learned from the best. We have been recognized as the Best architectural company in Alabama for five years in a row. We even won 2022 best of house design which we pride ourselves on. We have done many renovations for famous places such as Grogan jewelers, Smith lake living, Salisbury Road renovation, and many more. We’ve been recognized by the highest Best Architect in Birmingham AL institutes and associations. So if they love us, you should too.

If you are dying to start your renovation project or get a new design on the inside of your home, studio C architecture and interiors can help you out in the best way possible. Check out us online at and sign up for your first consultation with us or give us a call at 205-322-2315 and we will get back to you in the next 24 hours.