Are you someone who may need Best Architect in Birmingham AL? If so, you have found yourself in the perfect place. It’s so important to get a professional architect so that you get the job done correctly the first time around and exceed your expectations. One company in Alabama, studio C architecture and interiors, is ready for new clients and new projects. You will be shocked to find that this is one of the best companies that you can choose to help you out with any sort of renovation, addition, or structure design that you may desire.

As one of the most highly reviewed architecture companies in Alabama, we have been able to work on hundreds and hundreds of projects ever since we opened up in 2000. We have been recognized by the American Institute of architects and even the homebuilders association of Alabama. There are many clients who are constantly coming back and constantly refer us to their family and friends because we know that we will do such a great job. Our clients would refer to us as the key simply because we include each client in the process and they are aware of everything that is going on. That is one thing that the Best Architect in Birmingham AL does best is make our clients happy and deliver high expectations every single time.

If you are someone who is looking to do a renovation on your old home, design a new home or office space, or even an addition to your residential or commercial spot, studio C architecture and interiors Will be your best friend. Our owner, Sherry, is amazing and after falling in love with an architect she wanted to start an architecture company. With 13 years of architectural experience in Louisiana and a five year architecture program, Sherry has the experience and credibility to tap you out with any sort of Assistance you may need. Most professionals do not know everything, but Sherry definitely does. Not only that, but Sherry has trained the team to be in tiptop shape when it comes to doing a job. We love being the Best Architect in Birmingham AL! This means that at every single job we will double check it to maintain accuracy and we will make sure that it is up to your standards if not exceeding them.

We have so many great tips on preparing for a design project if you were interested in designing the inside of your home or office. It is always best to collect ideas from magazines, art boards, Pinterest, and so much more. It’s important to collect an idea portfolio so you were more understanding of what you were wanting for your design. Then you need to form a list of some of the uses that you may want your new project to fulfill. These could be things like adding an extra room for a family member, whether or not you were going to use your dining room, and so many other variables. After that, it’s important to find a realistic budget so that you are constantly staying on budget and making sure that you are not going over. Most importantly, you need to open your mind and explore new things rather than staying in your own same beliefs when it comes to designing.

If you have finished reading this article, I think it is time to check out studio C architecture and interior because we can help you out to the next level. Feel free to visit us at and read our mini five star reviews as well as sign up for your first consultation. You may also call us at 205-322-2315 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best Architect in Birmingham AL | Professional Architect’s Available!

Are you wanting to find Best Architect in Birmingham AL, but you can’t seem to find the right fit? It is important to find a good architect that knows exactly what they’re doing so that you get what you were looking for at a great price. Studio C architecture and interiors is based in Birmington Hamm, Alabama and has been running the place for many years doing all sorts of renovations, additions to the home, and residential design. This is the company that molds with you and will keep you throughout the entire process.

We’ve been working very hard since 2000 to be the best architectural company in the state of Alabama. We are able to do any type of renovation that you may need on your residential or commercial space. We also specialize in additions which means we can add more room to your new home or your old home. We also specialize in residential design which people love because we know exactly how to get what you want after getting to know you and walking around your space. We love to create trusting bonds with each of your clients and that keeps them coming back. As one of the Best Architect in Birmingham AL, we can do much more than your normal architectural studio c architecture and interiors.

If you were interested in getting a renovation, this is the right place to go. We are able to do new primary residences, Mountain homes, new construction, multi family homes, beach houses, renovations, consultations, and even lake houses. The process is very simple for us. As the coolest and Best Architect in Birmingham AL, you just need to visit the home and study the house and how you live currently versus what you want to change with the house and how you want to live in the future. We also have drawings that are basically a measuring, photographing, and drawing of your existing home. We use drawings, conceptual design, and design development to make sure that you were getting exactly what you were looking for. What clients love most about us is that we keep them throughout the entire process and we make sure that they know exactly where each penny goes and what has been done and when it is being done. This place is trust between us and the client because they know that we are working for them and with them to create their dream renovation. We also go in depth and above and beyond which other architectural companies cannot say that they do.

If you are interested in any sort of residential design, we are the best company to go to for that specific area. We have some great tips that will help you get started if you were already set on working with us on your design project. It is so important to collect an idea portfolio so that you are more understanding of what you were wanting for your design. An idea of a portfolio could include magazines, digital images that you collect, and even creating different Pinterest boards. It’s important to expand your mind and look at all kinds of different things so that you can find the best design fit for you. After that, you need to form a list of some of the uses that you want your new project to fulfill. It’s important to have a realistic budget and form a plan to stick to it so that there is less stress when starting your design project.

If all of this sounds like a great idea and the best fit for you, you definitely need to check out studio c architecture and interiors. We will do any renovation, addition, or residential design in the best way possible that will completely shock you. Visit us at and sign up for your first consultation or feel free to give us a call at 205-322-2315 and we will be happy to assist you.