Best Architect in Birmingham AL believes the most successful designs emerge one site design, architecture, interior designer develop simultaneously. This process allows virtually seamless solution to be created. With our clients visions and dreams at the heart of each project, we are also aware of the bigger picture and consider all aspects of individual projects. The exploratory nature of the design process accounts for a ride range of factors that affect all clients and their projects. Athletics an image, budget and maintenance, resale, growth, and change. This holistic approach to design results in an elevation of client priorities and deeply explore science project needs and identifies hidden concerns. The result, a carefully crafted, thoughtful, and bounce design.

If you are looking for custom approach, an individual project focus on design representing the way you live in the space around you, you may be a good candidate for using Best Architect in Birmingham AL our architects are helpful in solving problems with existing spaces and showing you multiple solutions and options they are also great at helping you navigate getting a project developed and drawn so that becomes a set of instructions and drawings as a blueprint for contractors to build your project. Great architects see the craft as a marriage of art and engineering.

Best Architect in Birmingham AL specializes in custom residential but we also have done several restaurants, corporate office makeovers, a veterinarian clinic, and many other types of projects. We love helping folks take their initial ideas and develop them into something special, regardless of the project type. We hope our architecture is timeless. That is also warm, cozy and livable. Design doesn’t have to be stuffy or cold. We love clean lines and beautiful spaces and that comes in all forms of architecture.

You probably are sitting there wondering how much we cost. Will that depends. We never like to answer that question without fully understanding the scope of the project and what it needs. We like to tailor all of our discussions around what works best for you for each project to determine whether it’s a fit with what we do and if we think we are the right firm to help your dream turned into a reality. If the answer is yes for both of us, we figure out the best ways to forward and give a detailed outline all of our services and what you expect in terms of cost. This also breaks down the fee schedule which requires retainer to get started but is broken into parts based on what we deliver to you in the face of the design and development. We do not require payment all at once.

We would love to start working with you on any and all of your architectural needs. Please for free to reach out to us by either calling us on our number 205-322-2315, or check us out on our website You can also find all of our service options, testimonials, portfolio, and more so you know that we will be the correct fit for you. We will bring in your architectural dreams into reality.

Why Are Some Best Architect In Birmingham Al What You Are Needing?


Best Architect in Birmingham AL strives to be passionate, dedicated to the process, and design focus. We love working out designs and helping people move their projects in the right direction. Our consultations are at an hourly rate with a minimal one hour so you make sure that you’re getting everything that you are looking for. We hope our architecture is timeless. But it’s also, cozy and livable. Design doesn’t have to be stuffy or cold. We love clean lines and beautiful spaces and that comes in all forms of architecture. Plus, when you work with us, you’re good to know that we are amazing to work with. Mainly because we are just fun to be around!

What makes us different here at Best Architect in Birmingham AL? Were not just home designers, we are architects and architect is an educated, licensed and registered professional with liability, professional code of ethics in a certain guideline in which they must operate. Continuing education is to maintain the architectural license. The architects, us, are also members of the American architects, which require architects to live up to a certain standard of education and professionalism. Home designers usually cannot or do not insure your project or incur liability they cannot stamp or seal drawings for construction. This is where we set our line of professionalism and a high standard for you.

We understand at Best Architect in Birmingham AL that timeline varies depending on the scale complexity of the project. The conceptual design phase is first and could take from a few weeks to a few months. This happens as we work to refine and develop the design together. Once the design is locked in and finalized, we work on selecting finishes and issuing construction documents which could take an additional few months. Usually between two and four months to complete the process and issue drawings.

But what happens before that? We start reduction call when we asked him questions of you so that we can get a better understanding of what your project entails. We may ask for inspirational images, what your timeline is, what your vision and budget are so we can determine if you’re the right fit for what you need and vice versa. Once the initial call is hard, if it feels like the right fit for both of us, we follow that meeting up with a proposal so you have a document that spells out what you can expect. From there, we get to designing and drawing. You always get to approve and make sure we are going in the right direction before the design is fully locked-in. We want you to be a part of the process. That always requires a series of touch bases and milestones that are written out in the proposal to get us from design to actual construction documents. And you will always get the final say and everything, because we are here to work for you.

The to start working with you and helping you achieve all of your architectural dreams. Even calls at any time if you have any questions, comments, or concerns at 205-322-2315. Or you can check us out on our online website and see our entire service list, portfolio, testimonials, and more.