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There are so many reasons why our clients love us so much. We are able to do any sort of renovation, additions to your home, or any type of residential design. We even have a past gallery of work, look at it on the website so you can see our past work and see what we can do for you and what we have done for hundreds of others. We have done so many renovations for Salisbury Road renovation, Kim Coleman, tub guest house renovation, and even Grogan jewelers. We love to breathe life into a new home and we want to do that for you. As one of the most highly reviewed architectural companies in Alabama, we have been voted the Top Architect in Birmingham AL.

We are so different from our competitors for so many reasons. We will work with you and for you to make sure that your dream becomes a reality and that you will get exactly what you’re looking for. We Have tons of experience working with residential and commercial homes and buildings. We have worked on famous people as well as local millennials. We include you in the entire process to make sure that you know exactly where your money is going and exactly what is being done at the time. This is what makes us the Top Architect in Birmingham AL and why many of your clients refer us to friends and family constantly. We want to make sure that we give you the best service possible and exceed your expectations every single time.

Studio C architecture and interiors has been around for so long and has been able to create impacts throughout the community for so many years. Not only are we the highest interviewed company in Birmingham, Alabama but we are recognized by the American Institute of Architects, home builders association of Alabama in the NCAA RP. We have one award from 2016 through 2020 for being the best design service in the area. The owner, Sherry, fell in love with an architect and grade school and that is what led her to create studio C and interiors. I’ve just been 13 years working in Louisiana to gain experience for her company, she was able to work in medical offices, hospitals, and even churches. She was enrolled in a five-year architecture program as well. This means that the team has all the experience and credibility needed to help you out with whatever you need assistance with.

If you are interested in working with this awesome company, please feel free to visit us online at https://studiocarch.com/ or feel free to give us a quick call at 205-322-2315. Let us change the way you feel when you walk into your home and the way others feel when they walk into your home.

Top Architect in Birmingham AL | Our Architects Want to Help!

Have you ever wanted to find the Top Architect in Birmingham AL, who is constantly finding yourself struggling? Well, great news! You have found yourself in the right place. When trying to design or renovate, it can be very time-consuming, frustrating, and cost you lots of money. That is why we want to make it so much easier for you. One of the best renovation and design companies is ready for new clients and is happy to help you out with whatever you may need regarding a renovation, addition to your home, or even residential design. Read on to find out why this company is the right fit for you.

I bet you were interested in finding A great architectural company to help you out with any sort of renovation, addition to your house or office, or any type of residential design that you may need. That is where studio C architecture and interiors can help you out. We are the highest and most viewed in Birmington him, Alabama and have even been recognized by the homebuilders association of Alabama and NCARB. As one of the Top Architects in Birmingham AL, we love to help out our clients as much as we can and that is why we are constantly double checking our work and making sure that it is up to our client standards. We also include our clients in and throughout the process so that everyone is on the same page.

The history of studio C architecture and interiors is amazing because we have such an amazing owner named Sherry. At a young age, Sherry started painting and drawing with her mother and learned to become an artist. From this, she fell in love with an architect in school And this man shared the idea of starting out this company. The best part is, Sherry spent 13 years working in Louisiana gaining lots of experience on different types of architectural projects. You will soon find to be true that we are the Top Architect in Birmingham AL. These include schools, churches, medical offices, and even hospitals. Not only that, but she also enrolled in a five-year architecture program. This is what gives us, as a team, the credibility and experience they can help you out with anything that you may need. We are happy to help with anything especially if it’s extra because we are an extra company.

Are you wanting to breathe life into your Old home, add more room to your current home, or redesign your residential or commercial space, we got you! For renovations, we can do primary residences, mountain homes, beach houses, new Top Architect In Birmingham Al construction, and even consultations. This list includes so much more. First we will go out to your house and study the house and how you currently live versus how you want to live in your new home. We are able to do architectural consulting, perforation of existing conditions, hard escaping, and tearing master planning, and so much more. The process is very simple. We use as built drawings, design development, construction documents, and many other necessary things to get your project started and finished.

If all this sounds like a fun time to you, check out studio C architecture and interiors because we can make anything happen no matter the difficulty. Feel free to visit us at https://studiocarch.com/ and look at all of her past projects and the many five star reviews that we have. You can also feel free to call us at 205-322-2315 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.