Top Architect in Birmingham AL has all of your architectural design covered from residential, to renovations, and even additions. Starting a project from the ground up is a very special experience. We visited about what your fee, study how the house sits on the site, learn how you live and want to live in your new home crept home is just for you. For large hole health transformations to additions that are designed to look as if they’ve always been part of the house, we loved to breathe new life into existing home in a way that suits our client perfectly so the house was always intended to be. We will make sure to cover all the steps and you get the final say on all of our decisions. As we are here to bring your architectural dreams into reality.

Schematic design is perhaps the most important time we, Top Architect in Birmingham AL, has been interacting with clients. We have frequent discussions in order to keep clients abreast of our work and direction we are creating the concept and flushing out the best design. We present drawings that describe design ideas with respect to your project. Throughout schematic design, we expanded design options to ensure the project design is exactly what you want.

Renovations and additions, Top Architect in Birmingham AL will first start the project with creating as built drawings. We spent time at the common measure, photograph, and document the existing structure and then create floorplan, exterior elevations, and roof plan drawings of the existing conditions that we can start the design process with the most current and accurate information about the existing conditions. We all work together to choose a future design direction. We continue to define, through plans, elevations and sections, the size of rooms, types of materials, and exact placement of the buildings. We study the whole building is a system, including discussing your specific structural issues which may affect the final project.

In order to convey all the discussions, decisions and drawings that result from our design and development as precisely as possible, a set of detailed documents are prepared. This set informs the builder of the appearance or construction detail of the trim, built-ins, doors, and service elements. These documents outline the expectable quality, both in writing and drawn format. Construction documents for the final drawings match the desire you ultimately envision after working through the design process. They also ensure the bids you receive from contractors reflect the details and quality you expect. In addition to security design decisions we made, construction documents also minimize change orders and stressful snap judgments made on the job site. We continue to work with you, as your advocate, to select the right contractor for you.

We operate as our client’s advocate to ensure work is performed to the standard and quality described in the con factual documents we prepared. We answer contractors questions, communicate details when requested and make regular drop site visit. We will be here for you no matter what. We look forward to working with you and will happily answer any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. You can either call us at 205-322-2315, or reach out to us on our online website

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We are here to advocate and represent you throughout the entire architectural process here at Top Architect in Birmingham AL. You are main focus in our highest priority, and we will guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with your entire experience. We make sure that you are part of every step of our decision and design processes. You get the final say so that way everything is up to your standard and you are getting everything that you want. We are here to make all of your architectural dreams into a reality.

Top Architect in Birmingham AL will be with you every step of the way, no matter which base. First start with the conceptual design phase. We will receive your requirements and WishList and go over everything that you want and don’t. We will establish the target budget and timeline for the entire project. Visit the site to analyze opportunities and constraints to keep you fully updated. We will develop the big picture concepts. All the way to early site plan, floorplan, and exterior elevations catches. We will always make sure that your approval is obtained before proceeding.

Next, Top Architect in Birmingham AL will develop characters and features. Preliminary, this includes exteriors, interior features, these lecture materials, and all the architectural details. We are also here to take care of you during the construction document fitness. We will develop working drawings and architectural site plans. We will also make sure to include detailed floorplans, exterior elevations, and construction sections in details. We are also here to help you pick out your doors, windows, and room for this section. This includes interior sections and design elevations, structural designs, and even electrical designs. We are here to cover you on all sides.

And that’s not all! We will be by your side to the bidding phase and the construction administration. Will make sure to obtain and evaluate all your bids to make sure you’re getting the best deal. We will then prepare contracts, documents, drawings, and specifications so that your contractor to get every detail exactly the way you want it. We will also be next to you when you decide to award the contract to whichever contractor you approve of. We also understand the stress that comes from visiting the job site as your architectural dreams starts to become real. We will radically visit the site to make sure everything is going according to plan. We will also process all was and process shop drawings for you. Generally, we will monitor that there are requirements and intent of the design are carried out to our high standard.

We will be with you from start to finish and make sure that your standards are met with the absolute best. We are here to be your advocate said make your architectural experience exactly what you’re looking for. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please for free to reach out to us any time by calling our mainline 205-322-2315, or reaching out to us on our online website You can also find all of our services, a portfolio, and testimonials plus more online so that way you can see we are exactly what you’re looking for. Let us make your architectural dreams a reality.