The pages above feature a collection of our projects, whether it be projects featured in magazines, drone videos, specialized renderings of projects not yet completely built, or finished photos of homes built.

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Our portfolio shows the range of Architectural styles that encompass our work. We enjoy connecting with clients to determine their style, how they live and use a home, what they love most and then being able to craft a special design dedicated to that exploration. Our work has common themes: the use of light to fill spaces, the openness and flow of spaces and a comfort all homes should have as the perfect space to unwind, entertain and really live in. While each design is special and unique, we work to create a timelessness about each space so that the owners always enjoy every aspect many years into the future just as they did while we were crafting it together.




We are always updating the Gallery with finished photos of projects that have gone thru the design and construction phases and have completed construction. We love to have the opportunity to go into a home once it is finished and showcase it with finished photographs and visit with our clients!

It is fun for the homeowners as well! We use an amazing local photographer and are able to supply those beautiful photographs to the owners as well; and it’s also fun for them to have their home featured on the website.

We also spend time posting our homes thru all of the phases of design from conceptual sketches to renderings to finished photos on our social media platforms as well. It’s a good way to celebrate our clients and the spaces we create together.




There are some projects that are asked to be featured in local, regional, and national magazines. We have been honored to have our work for our clients featured in all of those types of publications over the years.

Homes that have had a very large transformation are amazing projects to be featured in “before and after” type of magazine features. People love to see what “was” transformed into something current! We love to take homes that are outdated and haven’t stood the test of time and help homeowners reconfigure the home to bring it up to date for the way we live now. Transforming the interior and exterior of spaces to let in light, open up the flow of the floor plan, fix issues with the spaces, and see the finished product is among one of our favorite things.

Renovating homes that are historic have become a specialty of ours as well and have been featured in several magazine features. When you are adding onto or reconfiguring a historic home, it takes really understanding the home as it was built and the history surrounding the property and paying homage to it. It’s important to us to respect the history and to update it in a way that seamlessly ties together the history and the newness. Though many historic homes do not flow in the way we live today and many of those homes have very separated spaces making living and entertaining difficult, there is a way to reconfigure them that feels as though the home was always meant to be that way. That’s what we aim to do, and those projects that have come together beautifully have been some of our favorite publication features!

We also love when new homes are featured. It’s special for us and our clients to have their home recognized for the design, for the finishes, for the home itself. When we start projects, we always have in the back of our minds if it would make a great publication feature!




Having Drone videos taken has become one of our new favorite ways to feature projects. We use a drone specialist who spends time with us understanding the aspects of the project to feature and what makes the project special, and then he gets to work droning and videoing the property and spaces. He then spends time with us after the shoot editing the footage to make a video that really becomes a sort of love letter to the project.

Drone videos are also fun for our clients, because they get a keepsake of their home in such a unique and fun way. Droning is not right for every project, but for those that are sited dramatically on the land, that have an expanse of land, that feature interesting roof lines or large building sites, it can be another tool to really showcase the home and the Architecture.




We are happy that Architects have so many more tools in the arsenal these days as technology has evolved over the years and specifically that Architectural Renderings have come so far. No longer do Architects have only 2D ways to reveal their designs to clients unless they build full scale physical models; they now have 3D modeling and Renderings!

We have been using 3D drawings as part of our design package for clients for years, but the evolution of photo realistic renderings has made it a game changer for us and is something we have been using in recent years to allow our clients the ability to see their home inside and out in a realistic way before it is built.

We’ve featured some of those renderings in the portfolio page to show some upcoming projects that have finished the design phase and are either in pricing for Construction or in the construction phase currently. We love to compare the renderings to the actual home that is built to see how close we came. But seriously, it is a great visualization for our clients to fully grasp what their project will look like and it allows us to fine tune the project as well.